Music In Devon Initiative



Our Aims

MIDI has identified an ambitious range of aims and objectives which we hope to achieve through establishing a county-wide network for musicians and music industry professionals, as well as through delivery of various projects and events. We also intend to raise funds to provide resources for local musicians, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Musician Focused Aims
• To raise the profile of independent musicians based in the county of Devon.
• To provide high-quality performance and career development opportunities for music practitioners of all ages where none currently exists.
• To encourage the growth of audiences in Devon for the benefit of music practitioners in the county.
• To provide a supportive infrastructure, through which music practitioners can gain the tools to build audiences.
• To offer an accessible network for music practitioners to connect and share ideas, experiences and best practice.
• To offer improved networking opportunities for independent musicians.
• To provide pathways and sustainable links to the wider commercial music industry.
• To provide advice, education, guidance and training to musicians.
• To support a network of musicians and music practitioners across the county of Devon.

Business Focused Aims
• To improve the sustainability of small music businesses and organisations in Devon.
• To provide members with a joined-up approach to projects across the county to avoid duplication or repetition.
• To provide advice, education, guidance and training to small music businesses.

Sector Focused Aims
• To encourage the establishment of an inter-connected music industry and the retention of talent in the county of Devon, and across the region.
• To encourage and promote diversity in music and the arts.
• To ensure the development and maintenance of national and international industry links and direct involvement in local, regional and national policy, providing a reliable point of access into and out of the county.
• To attract inward investment for independent music in the county.
• To provide a platform for collaborative working in music across the south west.
• To provide a focus for the strategic development of the sector in the county.
• To strengthen communication and develop new partnerships in the sector.
• To provide a platform for joined-up activity and dynamic, groundbreaking projects that will have an impact regionally, nationally and internationally.
• To support a sustainable and strategic link between the industry and education.
• To promote the music industry of the county nationally and internationally.
• To demonstrate the ongoing economic, social and cultural benefit of the industry.
• To create a trust for MIDI to provide funding linked to national objectives.
• To provide collaborative support to regional music projects in development.
• To provide a single, united and independent voice to support lobbying for greater investment into the music industry in the county.
• To comment and offer feedback on regional and national agendas, papers and strategies.
• To link the music industry in the county with regional, national and international initiatives and organisations.
• To disseminate relevant information to the sector at all time.
• To support new music, talent, and innovation that will make a significant contribution to the output and profile of music and the arts in the region.
• To encourage artistic excellence for grassroots music in the county.

Wider Community Aims
• to enrich the experience of audiences so that they are more likely to engage regularly with new and independent live music.
• to provide interactive opportunities for audiences to get involved in music-making.