Music In Devon Initiative



Our Plans

To achieve our aims and objectives, we intend to develop a number of projects and events over the coming months and years. We welcome ideas from local musicians, and are very keen to involve the wider musical community in all we do. Some of the plans we currently have on the drawing board include:

  • Education – including music business coaching and mentoring programmes, music industry events, and music-making workshops;
  • Organisation and promotion of unique events in unusual locations – particularly in smaller towns;
  • Provision of affordable contracted, freelance admin and marketing staff (Virtual Assistants) for bands/artists at a subsidised rate;
  • Music-making projects for young people that also offer live performance and mentoring opportunities;
  • Creation of a music trust fund to support and develop emerging talent;
  • Music industry networking events to increase opportunities for musicians;
  • An online hub for the county’s music industry, to foster and encourage joined-up / partnership working opportunities;
  • An annual convention for music practitioners in Devon to meet and discuss current topics and key issues, and hear from leading figures from the regional, national and international music industry and education sectors;
  • A representative voice for the music industry in Devon where none currently exists.