Music In Devon Initiative


Team Members

James Gill

James joined MIDI as a director in 2019.

‘I have been actively DJing, Promoting & working on Music events for 18 years. I ran 2 dance tents at Aeon Festival, ran stages at Glastonbury Festival and have also DJ’d there 8 times [on a few occasions to 3-4000 people].  I have also worked wth Dimensions / Outlook Festival in Croatia running launch parties in the UK, and playing for them in Croatia. I’ve also managed 2 nightclubs and have booked 100’s if not 1000 DJ’s for various types of event. I am passionate about music, sound and in the last 3 years have re-found my love for DJing again as it was put to the side whilst concentrating on the promotion side of it. I have learnt a lot over the years and I would love to pass this knowledge on, inspire people to get involved and create their own scene.’