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Music In Devon Initiative

A network for musicians & music industry professionals in Devon

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  • Cavemouth

    Category: Blues and Rock

    Cavemouth are a Westcountry / White-Stripesy / filthy-swamp-bluesy / meat disco four-piece (having recently recruited Mr. Duncan ‘The Hook’ Hook, on Saxophone). Based on the wilds of Exmoor, the band live off a strict diet of road-kill and make music to keep the neighbours away and the ‘foxes’ in. Fronted Read more [...]

  • Five Finger Discount

    Category: Fusion, Hip Hop, and Pop

    Five Finger Discount (Matty Matty, Demelza Riddell and Matt Jackson) were formed in late 2014 following a chance encounter at a one-day music festival. This Westcountry three-piece combine their many varied influences, including hip-hop, ska, drum ‘n’ bass and reggae, to create their own harmonious blend of lyrical Hip-Pop. Their Read more [...]


    Georgia Omarah

    “With a hauntingly beautiful vocal delivery, Georgia Omarah pours her personal experience into her blues and soul sound. Best known for the majestic and relatable Moving On, she foregoes the disposable nature of contemporary pop music, focusing on unforgettable reworkings of established favourites and striking original compositions. With lyrics that deal Read more [...]

  • Mudskippers

    Category: Folk

    Mudskippers compose beautifully rich songs influenced by many modern English folk legends as well as indie, progressive folk/rock and world music. Described as a band that you would “really enjoy listening to at a festival with a beer”, Mudskipper’s absorbing compositions will take you through a dynamic musical journey. In Read more [...]

  • Trotfox

    Category: Fusion, Hip Hop, and Reggae

    A Trotfox is a rare breed of manimal, prone to singing impossible folk tales and drinking improbable cocktails. Its mating call has been reported to share sonic qualities with the impassioned steeze of the hip hop MC, the undulating vocal turbulence of the tipsy gypsy, and the the undeniable stomp Read more [...]

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